Our Mission: Sanger Education Foundation will introduce and support funding initiatives designed to strengthen the quality of education in Sanger ISD.

Our Goals
• Creating a perpetual source of funding for education in Sanger.
• Building strong community support for public education.
• Encouraging and recognizing creative and educational activities.

SEF & SISD CropOur Mission and Goals take on a three prong approach in maximizing the learning environment of a Sanger ISD student’s education.  The first goal is to create a perpetual source of funding that creates a strong consistent source of revenue impacting a students learning environment.  This perpetual source of funding stabilizes and assures funding opportunities in the classroom.  Creating a perpetual funding source provides an opportunity for supporters to identify and align their educational passions with those of the district by establishing a named legacy of their own design ensuring educational programs are enriched, enhanced and/or maintained.   In building strong community support, our community is engaged, active and informed about public education in Sanger.  The community knows that a strong education is paramount to a strong community. Where education improves, communities improve. Our supporters partner with us to help our students prepare to be vital, caring, and productive citizens in our rapidly changing and advancing global community.  We encourage and recognize creative and educational activities through an annual  grant award process in which district staff submit a proposal outlining innovative teaching, staff development opportunities, district initiatives and student enrichment opportunities that are above and supplemental to current district programs.