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218Each year Sanger Education Foundation continues its goal of enriching Sanger ISD student’s education by rewarding grants for projects not otherwise funded by the school district. The grants are awarded at the End of School Awards Ceremony.  Teachers from all Sanger ISD campuses are joined by Foundation donors who presented the grants to the teachers.

The Foundation originated in 2005 and awarded the first Teacher Instructional grant in March 2006 which was made possible by a gift from CoServ Charitable Foundation. Since then the foundation has awarded both Teacher Instructional Initiatives and District Initiative Grant every year. In 2010 the Foundation added a Professional Growth Grant award for district teachers to continue their education. Student Scholarships are awarded annually, by family members or area business sponsors or once fully endowed under IRS guidelines and administers in accordance with Section I, pursuant to policies and procedures and in a manner consistent with the Texas Uniform Prudent Management of Institutional Funds Act.



2017-2018 Instructional Grant Award Recipients

You awarded five Instructional, two Professional Growth, one Student Enrichment and one District Grant Award totaling $78,395.00 to the students and staff of Sanger ISD.  As an organization, your Board of Directors and extensive committee volunteers work closely with the school district in identifying and supplementing the needs in the classroom.  But without YOU, NONE of these needs would be met.

SHS Whole BodyThe Sanger Autism Spectrum Endowment made partial funding possible for an Instructional Grant Award to Sanger High School Special Education Department for “WHOLE BODY LEARNING” in the amount of $4810.04to purchase a Mimio Teach complete technology classroom system. The award was presented by John and Ashley Gage representing Sanger Autism Spectrum Endowment and Jimmy and Dawn Howard representing the Howard Family Endowment to Sanger High School. 

CTE Books to Grow 2Books to Grow They needed BOOKS and you, along with the Dodie Montgomery Endowment, helped provide 132 level reading books for struggling elementary students in reading fluency, comprehension and increase vocabulary development. The Instructional Grant “BOOKS TO
GROW” award was presented by Bob Montgomery, along with Chris and Gina Faircloth, representing the Faircloth Family Endowment in the amount of $6517.82 to Chisholm Trail  Elementary Teacher Mindy Schumacher and CTE Principal Alice Ford.


PE Drumming 2You provided the BEAT! CoServ TA Endowment and YOU partnered together to fund PE DRUMMING TO STAY FIT in the amount of $5683.24. CoServ Representatives Craig Chambers, Vickie Sargent and District 1 Board of Director Richard Muir presented the
award to Butterfield Elementary PE Teacher, Anna Shuman, Clear Creek Intermediate PE Teacher, Hedi Bucy, Chisholm Trial Elementary PE Teacher Cheryl Daughtery and the Sixth
Grade Center PE Teacher Sheila Futch. Check out what every elementary student will now have the opportunity in staying fit with the beat!

CTE STEM LabSCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY, ENGINEERING and MATHEMATICS! Last year you introduced DOT and DASH Computer Programming to Chisholm Trail Elementary Students and YOU ignited some very young learners and their teachers. Chisholm Trail Elementary was awarded a STEM Challenge Lab Instructional Grant award in the amount of $7404.08 through partial funding made possible by the Carol Ann Springer Endowment and the Jerry Schertz Endowment. The award was presented to CTE Teacher Tabatha McCuistion by longtime friend Carol Springer, Carol Danner and representing the Jerry Schertz Endowment, Daughter Kayla Schertz and sister-in-law, Cheryl Schertz. The award provides the creation of a hands-on creative environment STEM LAB for students to explore, create, and build skills within the STEM career fields.

Coming to Sanger High School and Sanger Middle School Spring 2018 In continuing to provide a strong foundation for student success in college and career readiness within the evolving career fields options of tomorrows leaders, Sanger High School and Sanger Middle School were awarded $19,980.00 for an AVID Program through partial funding made possible through the Joan & Jesse Coffey Endowment and the CoServ Charitable Foundation. Stephen Coffey representing the Coffey Endowment along with CoServ Charitable Foundation Representatives Craig Chambers, Vickie Sargent and District 1 Board of Director Richard Muir presented the award to Dr. Chris Granger, SHS Principal and
Sally Harrell, SMS Principal . So what is AVID? Advancement via Individual Determination. Avid teaches skills and behaviors for academic success, provides support with tutorials and strong student/teacher relationships, creates a positive peer group for students & develops a sense of hope for personal achievement gained through hard work and determination. The award provides initial training for 16 district teachers and full implementation of AVID classrooms throughout Sanger High School.