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218Each year Sanger Education Foundation continues its goal of enriching Sanger ISD student’s education by rewarding grants for projects not otherwise funded by the school district. The grants are awarded at the End of School Awards Ceremony.  Teachers from all Sanger ISD campuses are joined by Foundation donors who presented the grants to the teachers.

The Foundation originated in 2005 and awarded the first Teacher Instructional grant in March 2006 which was made possible by a gift from CoServ Charitable Foundation. Since then the foundation has awarded both Teacher Instructional Initiatives and District Initiative Grant every year. In 2010 the Foundation added a Professional Growth Grant award for district teachers to continue their education. Student Scholarships are awarded annually, by family members or area business sponsors or once fully endowed under IRS guidelines and administers in accordance with Section I, pursuant to policies and procedures and in a manner consistent with the Texas Uniform Prudent Management of Institutional Funds Act.



2016-2017 Instructional Grant Award Recipients

The Foundation awarded seven Instructional, three Professional Growth, one Student Enrichment and one District Grant Award totaling $68,951.96 to Sanger ISD, its students and its teachers.  As an organization, our Board of Directors and extensive committee volunteers work closely with the school district in supplementing the needs in the classroom.  But without YOU, the needs would not be met.

Group Grant award doubled

2016-2017 Instructional Grant Awards

2016-2017 Instructional Grant Awards $36,107.96
Awarded Friday, June 3, 2016 

Schertz BESButterfield Elementary staff; Mary Stewart, Joe Munoz, Katie Trammell, Andrea Jones and Ginger Shelby was presented an instructional grant in the amount of $4207.40 by Cheryl of Kerry Lee Schertz on behalf of the Jerry Schertz Memorial Endowment. The grant award is for additional and appropriate materials for hand-on and interactive activities.  Science equipment, beakers, thermometers, Planetarium, incubator, hatchery, aprons, triple beam balances, magnets and various other science curriculum materials.  


Coffey SHSSanger High School, Roxanne Musick was awarded through partial funding provided by the Joan and Jesse Coffey Endowment $2200.00 to purchase inventoried and checked out available digital camera equipment for students who are required but cannot afford to purchase the necessary for an elective class.   The award was presented by Stephen Coffey, SEF Board President and as a representative of the Joan & Jesse Coffey Endowment as an instructional initiative for the fine arts and advancement of learning. 



Harberson SMSChris and Gina Faircloth of the Faircloth endowment presented on behalf of the Larry and Patricia Harberson Family Endowment, a grant award of $1075.56 so that students can learn firsthand the relationships between 3 dimensional figures that have similar attributes by using actual modes close up to connect the relationships to the math formulas.  The grant award was awarded to Sanger Middle School staff members; Tonya Sides, Krystal Mueller, Adam Shaw, Bethany Wagner, Candice Murrell and Suelynn Husbands for the purchase of 32 Geo Model Relational Solids & 160 pounds of rice.


Representative Jeff Springer of the Carol Ann Springer Endowment through partial funding awarded $5069.00 to Chisholm Trail Elementary, Tabatha McCuisiton, Erin Pennartz, Springer CTE& Shelli Thorson an instructional classroom initiative designed to introduce computer science, coding and robotics to all students at an early age.   Dash & Dot are two preassembled different robots that bring current classroom technology and curriculum to life through computer science and coding.  Students learn the basics of programing complementing in campus current technology of iPads to problem solve, program and operate the robots.  Project is for 20 Dash Robots, 20 Dot Robots, 10- accessory packs, 10 building brick connector packs, 5 Xylophone accessories and 5 curriculum subscriptions.


CoServ TA CCIClear Creek Intermediate teaching staff, Scheana Eller, Belita Morris, Lori Berkhimer, Lisa Patton, Alicia Sarvis and Aleshia Swofford was awarded an Instructional grant in the amount of $5456.00  for the purchase of 16 additional iPads with protective cases for increasing technology capacity across the campus in all subject areas.  The award was made possible through partial funding from the CoServ Teacher Assistance Endowment and presented by CoServ Board of Director, Richard Muir, CoServ Area Manager, Craig Chambers, & CoServ Community Relations Director Vicki Sargent.  


Jimmy & Dawn Howard of the Howard Family Endowment represented the Sullivan Family Endowment which with partial funding made possible awarded Sanger High School, Liz FreeSullivan SHSman and AP/PAP Teachers; Carol Danner, Roxanne Musick, Angie Allen, Melinda Buchanan, Jennifer Reynolds, Ben Whiteside, Kathy Vidourek, Hollie Teague, Christie Richardson, Ruth Becerra, Bryan Kretz, & Scott Montgomery a grant in the amount of $11,900.00.  This Instructional Classroom Initiative allows teachers of 14 advance courses to attend the College Board’s AP Summer Institute at TCU


Bob Montgomery of the Dodie Montgomery Memorial Endowment presented an Instructional award initiative to Chisholm Trail Elementary, Britni Smith, Tabatha McCuisitonMontgomery CTE 2, Amy Dieter, Evelyn Langley and Caprisca Flanagan of $6200.00 for a project designed to bring additional advanced technology into each classroom by providing one additional iPad mini (total of 20) per classroom to every general education, special education and ESL classroom on the campus with protective cases.


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