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218Each year Sanger Education Foundation continues its goal of enriching Sanger ISD student’s education by rewarding grants for projects not otherwise funded by the school district. The grants are awarded at the End of School Awards Ceremony.  Teachers from all Sanger ISD campuses are joined by Foundation donors who presented the grants to the teachers.

The Foundation originated in 2005 and awarded the first Teacher Instructional grant in March 2006 which was made possible by a gift from CoServ Charitable Foundation. Since then the foundation has awarded both Teacher Instructional Initiatives and District Initiative Grant every year. In 2010 the Foundation added a Professional Growth Grant award for district teachers to continue their education. Student Scholarships are awarded annually, by family members or area business sponsors or once fully endowed under IRS guidelines and administers in accordance with Section I, pursuant to policies and procedures and in a manner consistent with the Texas Uniform Prudent Management of Institutional Funds Act.

2020-2021 Instructional, Student Enrichment & Staff Development Grant Award Recipients

It was a parade Grant Patrol with Social Distancing which made capturing the moment not the same.    As an organization, your Board of Directors and extensive committee volunteers work closely with the school district in identifying and supplementing the many needs in today’s classrooms all across the school district.

 But without YOU, NONE of these creative and innovative programs would be awarded nor recognized.  THANK YOU! 

Grant Award Parade 2020Awarded at Sanger Middle School Fine Arts Instructor Richard Payne an Instructional grant in the amount of $845.00 for “And the Show Goes On”.  The award was made possible through partial funding by the Joan & Jesse Coffey Endowment. 

The Sanger Middle School also received a $2,000.00 Instructional Grant for “Breakout of Ordinary Learning to purchase 12 Breakout EDU Kits and a one year site license to access the online learning platform.  The Award was made possible in part by the Dodie Montgomery Endowment.

Additionally Sanger Middle School received “Social Studies Curriculum/Classroom materials to Enhance Student Performance” instructional grant award in the amount of $9972.22.  The award is to purchase curriculum enhancement materials such as atlas, document analysis guides, online United States History Atlas Subscriptions, Texas History, US History, Novels of The Life of Frederick Douglass, US Constitution, United States Maps, three whiteboards and 30 modular chairs.  Award was made possible by the Sanger Autism Endowment and SEF Supporters.

CCI Apple Grant Award 2020Clear Creek Intermediate teacher Scheana Eller received an instructional grant award for “Growing the Apple Orchard:  Planting the Seeds for Success” in the amount $5980.00.  The award was possible in part by the Carol Ann Springer Endowment and the Joan and Jesse Coffey Endowment. 

The CoServ TA Endowment made possible an instructional grant to Clear Creek Intermediate for “SPACE ACADEMY” awarded to Brandie Kitchens for three science teachers to attend a week long instructional curriculum program at the U.S. Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville Alabama.  This award brings curriculum NASA inspired lesson plans in correlation with the National Science EducationSpace Academy 2 Standards to the students of Clear Creek Intermediate.

Limitless Learning was awarded to Lisa Roberts of the Sixth Grade Campus in the amount of $1321.70 for the purchase of technology enhancements consisting of two Apple TV’s, connectivity cables, wall mount and interactive TV Monitor.   The award was made possible in part by the Conger Family Endowment and the Faircloth Family Endowment .  Sixth Grade Center 2020 Grant Award



Culinary Food Truck grant award 2020Sanger High School received instructional grants.  The first grant award was made possible in part by the Rusty and Terri Patton and Family Endowment, DATCU and Kerry Lee Schertz Endowment along with SEF Supporters for the Culinary Cafe Food Truck.  The award was in the amount of $20,000.00 and presented to  Amy Giddens, Shanna Petr and Jennie Flaa for transforming school bus number 6 into a modern day culinary food truck with classroom space and an industrial kitchen in building the Culinary Arts program within SISD.



The second instructional award was presented to “Project Hydration” SHS Megan Windham in the amount of $2619.04.  The award was made possible in part by the Larry and Patricia Harberson Endowment for the purchase of two water consumption stations with eco-conscious student led learning in water analysis, statistical data collection and project water consumption evaluation       . Project Hydration Grant Award 2020


TheParcels Grant Award 2020 Howard Family Endowment awarded a Staff Development award to Clear Creek Intermediate ESL Teacher Michelle Parcels in the amount of $500.00 to attend the 2021 International Convention and English Language Expo for Teaching English to Speakers of other Languages.