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Founding Donor Monument Dedicated Fall 2008

Sanger Education Foundation was established in 2005 with the vision to foster a community investment in a superior education for the children of Sanger.  Since then the community of Sanger, Sanger ISD and those whose goals were three fold have united in partnership in support of encouraging and recognizing creative and educational activities, build a strong community support for public education and to create a perpetual source of funding for education in Sanger, Texas.  In the first 10 years of existence foundation supporters have awarded over $700,000.00 in educational initiatives throughout Sanger ISD, impacting thousands of students.  As a small rural school district comprising of 107 square miles, mostly unincorporated with a total population under 14,000, our supporters have united in support of our students and teaching staff.  Today Sanger ISD educates 2700 Pre-K to 12th grade students at 7 campuses.  

The founding board of directors realized the Sanger community needed an organization to oversee legacy contributions including bequests, estate gifts and family named endowments. In creating the organization,  the foundation placed provisions to administer and manage a perpetual funding source within a general endowment and named endowments as well as accept bequests and legacy gifts. The Sanger Education Foundation is currently the permanent home of 24 family named endowments and scholarships whose purposes aligned with educational initiatives identified within the school district and the foundation.  

The foundation began with implementing both Instructional and District Program grant awards in in 2009, implemented Staff Development and Fellowship program awards for teaching staff in 2011 and most recently in 2012 the foundation added a Student Enrichment awards program. Student Scholarships have and continue to be awarded annually since 2009.  Since inception the foundation board undergoes an annual business forum in which the directors evaluates and outlines a 5 year business plan consisting of re identification and assessment of district needs in the areas of supplemental instructional, overall district and staff development funding priorities.  The planning also outlines funding needs and activities needed to sustain overall business plan as outlined.