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All Instructional Grant Applications are due the FIRST Monday in February

District Grant Applications are due the SECOND Monday in February

Professional Growth Grant Applications are due the SECOND Monday in February

For information and application, please contact the foundation office at 940-458-4859

Grant Funding Award Programs

 STEM AWARD ACCEPTANCEThe Foundation and it’s donors believe innovative and creative approaches to teaching can benefit our students immensely. The this end, the foundation has developed several grant programs to meet the diverse need of our growing district.  District Staff can apply for Instructional Initiatives that go above and beyond what the district can provide in the normal everyday learning environment. We award innovative and creative supplemental instructional programs from K-12 grade available to all Sanger ISD Campuses.  In addition we offer the Student Enrichment Initiatives Program.  Student Enrichment provides funding for enrichment opportunities that are above and beyond regular, remedial or required studies and is available to K-11 grade students who desire to expand their learning outside of Sanger ISD with summer camp opportunities, distance learning or participating in a once in a life time learning opportunity.  We also offer an opportunity for Staff Development, Staff Fellowships and Professional Growth to our district staff.  

Grant Opportunities

Foundation Programs support the District’s mission and align with the District’s Strategic Plan to promote educational excellence and to enhance lifelong learning. Programs will be implemented as funds are available or as they are endowed.


District Initiatives to Promote Instructional Enhancement (up to $50,000/initiative) will provide funds for specific initiatives that address priorities aligning with the District Strategic Plan. Initiatives may include programs for instructional development that affect students, special stipends or incentives for teachers in areas such as ESL and Gifted/Talented Certification, second language classes k-12,special education equipment and supplies, and technology.

Instructional Initiatives (up to $20,000/Campus;up to $10,000/Team of Teachers;or up to $5,000/Individual Teacher) will provide funds for campus and/or staff to develop instructional opportunities that complement the District’s mission, Strategic Plan and Campus Improvement Plan. Instructional initiatives may include, but are not limited to, math and science labs, technology, fine arts, career and technology, and internet- based programs for Advanced Placement teacher certification.

Professional Growth Grants (up to $1,500)  will provide funds for district staff to pursue additional education in the teaching profession such as obtaining bachelor or higher degrees. Grant may also be used for seminars, workshops or conferences in areas of specialization or for certification in a program aligning with the District’s Strategic Plan.

Student Enrichment (up to $2,000.00)  will provide funds for K-11th grade students, campus and/or staff for student enrichment learning opportunities  and/or activities that complement the District’s Mission, Strategic Plan and Campus Improvement in supporting Fine Arts, STEM, Leadership Academies, Advance Placement, Duel Credit, etc.  Student Enrichment activity may include, but are not limited to;Elementary – Field trips to museums, exhibits or special events & Mobile interactive exhibits brought to campus.Intermediate/Middle – Guest speakers, Mobile interactive exhibits brought to campus STEM Summer Camp registration fees & Field trip to museums, exhibits or special events.High School –  Fee reimbursement for Advanced Placement Exam – Student(s), Summer Leadership Camps – Boys State, Girls State, STEM Summer Camp registration fees, Guest Speakers – Campus, Field trips to local colleges for enrichment exposure including, but not limited to health sciences, engineering, research, design, culinary, fine arts, digital media and technical certifications & for Advance Placement.The number of initiatives funded will depend upon available funds which will be awarded annually.  Keep in mind this is not an INSTRUCTIONAL Initiative but a STUDENT ENRICHMENT INITIATIVE that is independent, offering yet another funding opportunity to enhance the education of our students.