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Governance and Organization

The Sanger Education Foundation, Inc. an independent 501 (c)(3) non-profit corporation , was organized in 2005 to promote quality education in Sanger ISD schools. The Foundation is run by an independent board of directors currently consisting of ten voting members and three ex-officio members. Voting members include a cross section of the community. The non- voting ex-officio members of the board are the Superintendent of Schools, President of the Sanger ISD Board of Trustees, and the Executive Director of the Foundation.

In accordance with the Foundations Bylaws, no employee of the Sanger ISD or member of the Sanger ISD Board of Trustees may serve as a voting member of the Foundation board. In addition to the Bylaws, the Foundation operates within a formal set of policies and procedures. The Foundation was organized exclusively for educational purposes to provide supplemental funds for a wide range of educational programs, including math, science, technology, fine arts, foreign language, and staff development within Sanger Independent School District. The Sanger Education Foundation seeks and distributes funds to support programs and initiatives to further enhance learning for public school student in the Sanger Community.

The Foundation maintains a rigorous financial accountability protocol to assure donors of prudent management of all contributions. The Administration Committee reviews policies and procedures, bylaws and maintains a financially strong budget analysis process yearly. Board and Committee members jointly create a five year business plan with yearly review of plan at an annual Foundation workshop. Since inception the Sanger Education Foundation has engaged in an independent outside annual audit of all financial records and has annually filed Internal Revenue Service 990 Tax form.

5 Year Plan

The Board of Directors adopted the 5 year program funding goals at their Annual Board meeting in August as proposed by the Administration Committee. Identified funding priorities are in alignment with the District’s Strategic Plan and have been developed in cooperation with the Superintendent and the District’s instructional staff.  The Foundation understands with today’s current budget constraints, coupled with the district having a new Superintendent that identified priorities may have changed.  The foundation seeks biennial input from school district administrators, teaching staff and the community on identifying funding priorities prior to the each new school year.  Listed below are the Foundation programs funding goals to meet the identified funding priorities of the District.