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Our Board of Directors agree to serve on behalf of our students

Sanger Education Foundation selects Board of Directors from current  sub committee members and recruited on the basis of their dedication to education, ability to fund raise, business acumen, experience in areas such as non profit trusteeship organizational planning, financial/accounting, personnel management, and legal matters, especially relating to non profit organizations, contracts and personnel and public relations.  Every attempt will be made to recruit Board Members to represent a cross section of the community.  All Board of Directors agree to serve a three year term with a limit of two consecutive 3 year terms.  Directors must step down for a minimum of 12 months before being eligible to return as a board of director.

All Board Members of the Sanger Education Foundation are fully committed and dedicated to the Foundation Mission and understand that their duties and responsibilities include the following:

Read and accept the Bylaws and Policies and Procedures of the Foundation and assist in implementing pol
icy’s and foundation programs.

Take an active role in reviewing, approving and monitoring the annual budget.

Financially support the foundation.

Actively engage in fundraising in whatever means are best suited the individual member.

Promote the Sanger Education Foundation and encourage and support foundation staff.

Attend monthly board meetings ans serve on at least on foundation committee.