Welcome to Sanger Education Foundation

Hey all you Sanger High School Alumni…..YOU have a new ALUMNI CLASS FELLOW LEADER! 

Leading the way is the Class of 2002!!  


Following closely by just a little is the Class of 2005.  Also joining in the ALUMNI Fellows challenge are the Classes of 1956, 1958, 1979, 1984, 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990, 2000, 2003, 2004, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2010 & 2013.  





The NEW INSTRUCTIONAL GRANT APPLICATION is NOW available! It is time to start thinking about those innovative, enrichment items you might need in the classroom. The foundation will be conducting a GRANT WRITING SESSION in early December & in Mid January. You do not have to attend a session to submit your funding proposal.  Grant proposals are due February 6, 2017.

We need your Help!  There are many great ways in which you can be involved and support the foundation in our mission of introducing and supporting initiatives designed to strengthen the quality of education in Sanger ISD.  

YOU MAKE IT ALL POSSIBLE! Look what you accomplished this year in recognizing innovative teaching within Sanger ISD through supplemental grant awards.  The 2016-2017 Grant Awards totaled over $71,000.00 and were announced in May and June.

Do you have a vision for the students of Sanger ISD and to the community of Sanger?  It starts with you & your passion.  We provide individuals, businesses and families a means in which to bring an everlasting legacy to the forefront supporting education across Sanger ISD.

Ever wonder what your gift to the Sanger Education Foundation could do?A donation of  $25.00 provides 10 Boiling point thermometers for science classes. $30.00 could provide a 3D Geo Math Model for Middle school students, $75.00could purchase a KNEX Force, Energy and Motion Science Kit for students to explore forces, energy, and motion. For $300 you could provide Computer Science coding and programming with Dash and Dot into the hands of our elementary students.  Check out the video as SEF Board members meet Dash and Dot!  Dash and Dot meet SEF


In just 11 years, you have made almost $800,000.00 in Educational Initiatives possible to the Students of Sanger ISD!  THANK YOU for your past and continued support!   A Child’s Tomorrow begins Today!

ONE SIGNATURE ANNUAL EVENT that brings together current grant recipients, district staff, parents, grandparents, alumni, area businesses and community leaders in support of Sanger ISD and our youth while focusing on the mission, vision and goals of the foundation.

Have you thought what your legacy as a Sanger ISD graduate could be to all those who follow in your footsteps? The halls may be the same, but today’s classroom learning is different!  Supporting a class FELLOWS is a great means to give back to your hometown community and future Sanger ISD graduates.

YOU MAKE A DIFFERENCE and that YOUR GIFT changes more than the lives of the students; it allows them to possibly change the world. Consider joining the foundation, SISD staff and area businesses in showing our students that YOU support their dreams.

A Child’s Tomorrow Begins with YOU!

YOU make the Difference!